Thursday, 16 May 2013


 1. Wait about half an hour and try to busy yourself in the meantime. Studies show that intense food cravings only last 15-20 minutes.
2. When you’re experiencing a craving, write it down in a diary. Write down the time of day and how you’re feeling. Knowing what time of day and during what emotional state you usually get cravings can help you beat them. Find your triggers!
3. Eat a healthy alternative to your craving. If you’re craving something sweet, try a banana or another piece of fruit. Nuts are also a good option to help eliminate hunger.
4. Bring healthy, well portioned snacks with you to work or when you leave the house. Make sure you eat regularly to avoid the temptation of fast food when you’re hungry.
5. Make sure your fridge and pantry only has healthy snacks in it. Get rid of all comfort foods! Out of sight, out of mind!
6. Brush your teeth. When you have clean teeth, you won’t feel like eating something straight away.
7. Drink water and make sure you’re getting enough sleep. Sometimes you may just be dehydrated or lethargic. Water is also a great aid in curbing your appetite.
8. Remind yourself why you are trying to resist the food in the first place. If you are trying to get fit or to slim down, remind yourself how badly you want to acheive that goal.
9. Try eating green, leafy vegetables (such as lettuce, celery, cabbage and bokchoy) to get rid of the munchies. Remember to only add minimal low-fat dressing if it’s your weight that you are trying to target.
10. De-stress. Stress is one of the biggest causes behind food cravings. Any activity that helps you relax will help take your mind off food. Getting regular exercise or even just taking some deep breaths will also help.
11. Have small in between meals.Include fibre rich foods in your diet.This will kepp you full for a longer time and thus you will not crave for junk food.
12. Don’t be too harsh on yourself and your diet. The harder you have to force yourself to resist something, the more likely you are to fall off the rails and binge or pig out. Everything in moderation. Instead of cutting out your favourite food entirely, try to cut down and only indulge once a week and have in smaller portion. You can eat your favourite things here and there!
13. Exercise daily. This will convert body fat into blood sugar, which will help reduce cravings. Exercise also helps you maintain stamina, discipline and self-esteem, all of which helps you resist food cravings.
14. Before sticking something in your mouth, think about the long term effects. Is it worth eating a whole block of chocolate in one go? Is it worth undoing all that exercise and healthy eating you’ve previously done?
15. Keep busy. Sometimes, if you allow your mind to sit and wander, it will induce food cravings.
16. Reward yourself (with anything other than food!) when you resist the food you’ve been craving.
17.When you are tempted to indulge have any of the following –Cinnamon sticks,Saunf,Sugarless chewing gum.Your craving will pass away.
18.Have a balanced and Nutritious meal.Deficiencies of Nutrients also lead to cravings.



Summers sap the energy out of you! The heat becomes unbearable and no matter how much water you drink you are always thirsty, similarly summers tend to take away your appetite. A lack of appetite means that you don’t eat as much food as you regularly would, which means that your body ends up lacking its regular nutrition quota.
        It is vital to maintain your body's water levels in the heat, not just by drinking fluids, but also choosing foods that contain a lot of water.Basically a summer diet consists of food that is high in water content, provides ample nutrition and cools your body down while keeping you from dehydration. Since the sultry heat of summer increases with each degree rise in the mercury, by rooting ourselves to nature's provision of healthful food choices we can experience the bloom of our health and vitality.


When your body is losing plenty of water already, digestion of heavy foods depletes the levels of water further. The result is fatigue, poor concentration, light headedness and decreased metabolism.So opt for foods which are light in digestion , have higher water content and are low in fat.

1)      Curd - Intestinal infections such as cholera, typhoid, amoebiasis find it easy to surface during a warm climate. Eating curd helps increase the friendly bacteria in the intestines. These bacteria promote digestion and boost immunity. Curd helps you cool from inside and also it could be consumed in varying options. From chaas , to lassi to curd rice... just take your pick. Curd contains vitamin B which also helps soothe the ulcers, allergies and heat boils that tend to appear during summers, from within
2)      Coconut water - Due to sweating, water and many essential minerals are lost from the body which makes you feel tired and sluggish. Coconut water is packed with simple sugars, electrolytes, and minerals that replenish hydration levels. Coconut Water is rich in natural vitamins (especially the B vitamins), minerals & trace elements (including zinc, selenium, iodine, sulfur & manganese). Vitamins are necessary for the enzymatic reactions your cells need in order to function.

3)      Sugar cane juice –It comes in handy for those who exercise or work out during summers. Containing only natural sugars, it not only cools the body but also energises with a high quantity of carbohydrates .The nutrients found in sugarcane are beneficial for the functioning of the kidneys, heart and the brain.
4)      Fruits - There are a variety of seasonal fruits that can be consumed which will cool you from within this summer such as grapes, apples, bananas, pears, pineapple and melons. Even citrus fruits such as oranges and lemons are excellent choices of fruits for consumption this summer.They not only rehydrate the body but also provide the essential vitamins and minerals to keep up the energy levels .
5)      Vegetables - Light to digest, water-based vegetables are recommended for the summer. Stockup on doodhi, turai,parhwal and pumpkin as they are full of fibre and easy to digest. Other water rich vegetables that can be included in your diet include cucumber, carrots, tomatoes, spinach , bell peppers and ice-berg lettuce. These prevent urine from being acidic in the summer. Eating these foods may assist your body's own ability to release heat so the hot weather doesn't make you feel overheated or exhausted. Avoid boiling or steaming them for too long, as this depletes them of their water and nutrient content. Vegetable juices have healing and restorative properties and make simple natural ways to enhance health and vitality.
6)      Lemon juice -A lemon and honey drink combination has the power of instantly replenishing your body's lost water and also work as energizers.Lemon is rich in vitamin C stimulate the release of enzymes in the body and help release waste. Drinking lemon water first thing in the morning will help to balance out the acidity of foods we've consumed as lemons are alkaline-forming. Lemon juice helps detoxify your body,rejuvenate your skin and boosts immunity.
7)       Nonveg -Fish meat is preferable to chicken.You should try and avoid red meat .These fish are not only are cooler on consumption as compared to the red meat or chicken but also have high amounts of fatty acids such as Omega -3 and Omega – 6.

8)      Dryfruits and Nuts -While dry fruits such as figs and raisins can be eaten without worry, cashews and pistachios should be avoided as they are 'heaty' in nature and difficult to digest.

9)      Aam Panna - Boil raw (green) mangoes and extract juice from them and add salt, water,jeera and jaggery .It is an excellent preventor of heat and heat stroke.
10)  Green tea - If you get burnt, seek relief by sipping on green tea. Green tea is a potent source of antioxidants that can neutralise cellular damage caused by the sun's rays.
11)  Sabza (tulsi seeds) in your drinks -- this has very cooling effect on the body. It relieves indigestion,reduces nauseous feelingand controls vomiting , helps in treatment of sore throat ,cough ,Asthma and headache.
12)  Herbal teas,Kokam sherbet ,Saunf sherbet  are not only refreshing but also nutritious.