Wednesday, 4 April 2018

Summer Smoothies and Sippers

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Summer is the season where days are longer and nights are shorter. To sustain the entire day with energy and freshness , one needs to have a lot of fluids along with a light healthy diet.
Summers make you feel less hungry and more thirsty. Keeping in mind the need of hour, here are some healthy yet tasty Summer smoothies and sippers one can try.

Summer Smoothies/Milkshakes:
The ideal combination for making the smoothie would be any seasonal fruit or veggie mixed with curd, honey and spices.

Various combinations one can try are:
  1. ·       Mango ,curd and cinnamon
  2. ·       Orange , peach, curd and honey
  3. ·       Strawberries , lightly cooked oats and curd
  4. ·       Watermelon , curd  and chaat masala
  5. ·       Strawberries , banana and curd
  6. ·       Cucumber , Strawberries, banana , curd and flaxseeds
  7. ·       Muskmelon, milk and honey
  8. ·       Mango, milk and pistachios
  9. ·       Rose syrup, banana and milk

(Blend all the ingredients except the spices and honey ,add it later as per taste. Remember you can modify as per your taste and have more of the fruit that you like or the fruit that has a unique taste.Ex: Strawberries)

Summer Sippers:
  1. ·       Mint and ginger shots
  2. ·       Mint buttermilk
  3. ·       Kokam sharbat
  4. ·       Rose and watermelon juice
  5. ·       Aam panna
  6. ·       Carrot and beetroot juice
  7. ·       Jal jeera
  8. ·       Coconut water
  9. ·       Tender coconut and pineapple juice
  10. ·       Muskmelon and kiwi juice
  11. ·       Strawberries and plum juice
  12. ·       Pomegranate and apple juice
  13. ·       Tomato , carrot and bottle gourd juice
  14. ·       Cucumber, beetroot and bottle gourd juice
  15. ·       Carrot and spinach juice
  16. ·       Lemon and ginger shots.

(To make any kind of juice or mock tail : Mix all the chopped raw ingredients in the grinder with some water, then grind it , next strain it and later add salt ,pepper and jeera as per taste)
Try and Include these easy –to –go receipes in your diet and feel the freshness. You can try any type of variation as these are just the tips to get started.

By Pooja Foria in association with Mitalee Mehta from Oomph nutrition