Monday, 28 January 2013


Boost Your Body's Defenses

Your immune system is important. Very much like your own personal army, it guards your body against attacks from invaders (like bacteria, fungi, and viruses), defending against infections and several kinds of cancer. But just like any other body system , your immune system can deteriorate if you don’t treat it well. Keep it functioning at its peak performance, so you can stay healthy, too, by following these six steps.

1. Eat Right
In theory, this one is pretty simple: Eat just enough of the right foods when you feel hungry.
Just as important as how much you’re eating, is what foods you’re eating. Some nutrients and foods that have been found to enhance the immune system include Vitamins  A,C,E,Zinc,Omega 3

2. Exercise Regularly
Numerous studies show that regular exercise reduces the number of sick days. Exercise doesn’t have to be strenuous to provide these benefits—in fact moderate exercise may even achieve a better result,for eg walk for 30- 45 min 5 days a week.

3. Get Enough Sleep
Deep sleep stimulates and energizes the immune system, while sleep deprivation has the opposite effect. According to the National Institutes of Health, the average adult needs between 6 and 8 hours a night

4. Manage Stress
 According to the National Institutes of Health, hormones (like cortisol) that hang around during chronic stress can put us at risk for obesity, heart disease, cancer, and a variety of other illnesses. So find a way to de stress
 a few times per week, whether you exercise, practice yoga, meditate, or take a relaxing bath.

5. Quit Smoking
Smoking and using tobacco products
 contributes to a host of health problems, and this is one more you can add to your list for reasons to quit.

6. Consume Alcohol in Moderation
Clinical and Experimental Research states that alcohol abuse can also lead to immunodeficiency, making you more susceptible to bacterial pneumonia, tuberculosis, and other communicable diseases. But the moderate use of alcohol (one drink daily for women, and two for men) has not been associated with negative effects on the immune system.

7.Drink Your Water

Water helps to cleanse the body and remove toxins, including germs. By keeping body systems, especially the respiratory system, well hydrated, you can enhance your virus-fighting potential. Aim for 8 10 glasses a day to help fend off germs! 

8.Lose Weight

Research  has shown that obesity prevents the immune system from functioning properly, increasing its vulnerability to infection. In a study, obese mice were 50 percent less capable of killing the flu virus, compared to lean mice. The researchers believe that the same holds true in humans.

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