Monday, 25 November 2013

An obese or overweight child = Bad parenting!

Obese kids are at a very high risk of developing Type 2 Diabetes, heart diseases and cancer, leave alone the psychological consequences it has. They are picked on at school, made fun of, bullied around and grow up with a very low self esteem. 

The main cause is easy availability of junk food, portion sizes which are triple than what they should be and inactivity along with all this is a perfect recipe for disaster!

But the leading cause is LACK OF PARENTAL INVOLVEMENT! Stuffing kids with wrong food comes down to a matter of time and convenience for parents. You are your child's biggest role model. But if you are going to be misinformed, dunk diet cokes and go on crazy diets next to your child, eat junk and don't remove time to exercise, then what will your child emulate?

The problem is you don’t see it as a disease yet.

You won't allow your child to walk alone on the streets or run across the road, right? Allowing them to make bad food choices is equally dangerous. The psychological and health issues they face while growing up is not worth your carelessness.

Be a better parent and be the change you want to see in your child.

Start when they are young. Don't allow them to eat frosties for breakfast! Don't allow them to skip meals, make them cook healthy meals with you, take time out to exercise with your child instead of going for that movie and bingeing on popcorn and hot dogs! 

Stop childhood obesity. You're the cure!

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