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Safety Tips For Celebrating Holi 2014

Come March and it is the time for welcoming Spring at its best and what better way to start it than with celebrating Holi. Legend has it that this Indian festival is celebrated in memory of Holika, the sister of Hiranyakashyap the demon king who ruled the Kingdom of Earth. This demon king wanted to kill his pious son Prahlad by placing him on a pyre of fire. So he coaxed Holika who had the boon of remaining unscathed in fire to keep Prahlad on her lap so that he could be burnt. However, Prahlad who was Lord Narayanas devotee escaped and till today Holi is celebrated to burn away evil from the Earth.
Filled with colours and a vibrancy that cannot be matched, Holi augments the period of goodwill and forgiveness and the custom of applying colours is linked to a scientific belief that these colours cool the body and ward away viral diseases like chicken pox and other skin ailments. However, over a period, celebrations have taken a turn and have proved detrimental to health. Let us have a look on some safety tips for celebrating Holi.

Oil Your Body Well
  • Firstly, since Holi is a festival of colours, remember to oil your hair and body well before you go out to play. Apply castor oil or coconut oil on your body and hair and add lemon in the oil if you have dandruff.
  • A sunscreen lotion and a moisturizer would cap it up and make sure you reach out behind your ears, as these remain neglected areas and get filled with the varied colours.
Beauty Care on Holi Day
  • It is a good idea to apply nail polish, as this would prevent the colours from entering your nails and spoiling them.
  • Applying a lip balm makes sure your lips do not get filled with colours.
  • Keeping a soothing agent like cucumber juice or aloe vera helps. Avoid gaudy colours and as far as possible use natural colours.
What To Wear on Holi
  • Wear cotton clothes, which are dark and stay away from synthetic as they stick to the body when wet.
  • Also, do not wear jeans, as denims tend to get heavy when they get wet. Save your skin by covering your body well with long sleeved and long pants.
Water Water Everywhere, Stay Hydrated
  • Stay hydrated and make sure you have lot of water during and before you play Holi. These safety tips for celebrating Holi would help you have a happy, joyous celebration without any problem.
All Eyes On Holi
  • If you are, using contact lenses then steer away from wearing lenses while playing holi.
  • Be careful with your spectacles and make sure you have a thread to hold it to your eyes lest it falls off in a pool of water.
Some More Tips
Other safety tips for celebrating Holi include simple practices like keeping the windows of your car shut and keeping a safe distance from a frenzied group. If someone has applied a permanent colour on you, rinse it of with cleansing milk first and then use soap on it.
Once Holi is over take a warm water bath and apply body lotions and moisturizer. Holi is a warm and happy festival and you could make it memorable by following these simple safety tips on Holi and by binging on Bhaang and Puran Poli.
Till then Bura na Mano Holi Hai!

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