Sunday, 21 September 2014

Oomph Fit Tip BY - Mitalee Doshi

Hello All Health Enthusiasts,
It's been quite some time that I have been able to post an update on my Blog.
My apologies for the same. Here is some important but basic fact about your Health.

Do you feel hungry within an hour of waking?
If you answered yes, then good! This likely means you are in tune with your appetite.
If you answered no and you're struggling with your weight, you may be over-eating in the second half of the day (often the evening).
It is perfectly normal to feel physically hungry a number of times throughout the day. Allowing your self to feel hungry and listening to these body cues, enables you to know when to eat and once you have eaten enough.
A key to managing your eating (and weight) is being in tune with your appetite and to do this, you need to allow yourself to feel hungry.
Any weight loss program that promises you'll never feel hungry is probably not going to help you long-term as you won't learn to trust your body.
Feeling hungry on waking means you're more likely to eat a nourishing breakfast. Eating a nourishing breakfast often leads to making better food choices throughout the day and you may find you're less likely to over-eat in the evening.
Feeling hungry is a NORMAL and necessary part of life. Feel free to share this post.
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