Tuesday, 12 December 2017

10 Winter Super Soups

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1)Pumpkin and carrot soup
2)Broccoli and almond soup                                
3)Spinach and tomato soup
4)Sweet corn soup
5)Tomato and bottle gourd soup
6)Moong soup
7)Sweet corn , carrot  and coriander soup
8)Lentil and beans soup
9)Cucumber, carrot and tomato soup
10)French beans, green peas and carrot soup
11)Sprouts and sweet potato soup

A simple and quick procedure to make any type of soup:
*Boil the given vegetable combos till it becomes soft.
*Then grind the veggies with some vegetable stock and turn it into a thick pure.
*Next strain the puree.
*Later put salt and pepper as per taste.
*Serve it hot .

Add on as per your taste if required:
*One can add a pinch of sugar or chilli flakes or paprika or a clove of garlic to risen the taste.
*Even a tadka with a 1/2 teaspoon ghee and jeera can be sprinkled over as per taste.
*Garnish with mint leaves or coriander.
Accompany your lunch or dinner with these soup recipesand you will notice an improvement in your digestion and gain better immunity.
Children can have these soups in between their activities for instant energy and good health.

Pooja Foria
Educator and Blog writer

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