Tuesday, 25 September 2012

7 Healing Foods to fight common cold.

In common cold you may hesitate what foods should be taken, what not, here is a list of foods are best for fighting common cold.

1. Hot and spicy food

why? : chillis or pepper to help ease congestion.
Take half a spoon of grinded pepper with lukewarm water and this will relieve you from runny nose. Gargling pepper in warm water also help to get rid of cold virus and germs.

2. Garlic

why: This fragrant bulb contains a flavoring agent called alliin which acts as a decongestant. Garlic is also believed to act as an antioxidant and destroy free-radicals, the active oxygen molecules that damage cells.It has antiviral and anti-bacterial properties.

3. Fluids

Why: To keep you hydrated. 

4. Vitamin C sources

why: Reach for citrus fruits to increase your vitamin C intake.It increases your immunity levels .Good sources of Vit C are citrus fruits,capsicum,
 parsley, broccoli,  strawberries,  lemon juice, papaya, cauliflower, mustard greens,  Brussels sprouts and  pineapple .They can help as your daily cold-fighting food arsenal.

5. Ginger

why: Many people find fresh ginger root helps treat the coughing and fever that often accompany colds and flu. Try making a ginger tea.
One of the best home remedy for cold is to take dry ginger powder mixed with old Jaggery. This natural remedy is to be taken twice a day to get rid of running nose and cold.

6.Turmeric powder

Taking half spoon of turmeric powder twice a day is an effective home remedy for cold and flu

7. Chicken soup

why: It’s been called nature’s penicillin and is at the top of the list for its curative powers. Hot chicken soup helps clear clogged airways,

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