Friday, 6 September 2013

The future of shopping

The future of shopping

Are you a fitness freak? Or a foodie? Or a sports lover or may be classical music lover? How about  technology that understands you and your nature and reflects the digital mirror of your personality through a handheld device or gadget. Does it not sound great that someone understands your likes and exactly offers you what you are looking for with great deals on it, Nearest locations, Price information, Bargains all on your device.

Let's imaging you are a fitness freak walking around a mall and your device, your social presence, your likes says a lot about you. Imagine a phone that senses and understand what you like based on apps installed and preferences set on your device. It automatically triggers deals and promotions on your device for you to grab. So you may see a deal for sport shoes, Healthy meals right on your device trying to get attention of yours and result in active engagement.

Shopping in 2030 will not be only need driven. it will be experience driven. People will shop more to experience a feel good factor and technology will be at core of this experience.

More networked, More connected, More social, More active - that's GenX.

With rise in mobile data users across the world. Shift in buying behavior it's not only about Point of sale or bill board advertising. Companies tap lot of their potential buyers through social networking sites where like minded people and groups can be targeted. so you hit the bulls eye.

Virtual wall:
Imagine this one. You are a shopper at E-bay and you have your customised virtual wall welcoming you while you turn on your PC/Mobile device. This virtual wall from e-bay presents you with wide list of choices and bargain offers that are just like you. The browser automatically captures cookies and hence reads and encrypts your online behavior and has his own recommendation for you.

Shop is a playground:
In line with experience based selling shopping becomes more impulse and to tap this impulse shopping behavior a shop is a playground.
Imagine you have just walked in to shop with intention of window shopping and you see a fantastic outfit. You have a wall which captures your image and presents your look real time in that outfit. Probably good enough to trigger shopping at that moment.

Imagine hangers or list of items that displays facebook likes and makes you feel more confident about how good the product is amongst your generation. You can invite real time feedback of your loved ones.

Always ON world:
Imagine you are watching latest Bollywood film of your favorite star and app that allows you to immediately like and order outfits, accessories, holidays for locations and it redirects you to its right e-comm service provider and finds you best deal. You are proud owner of your favorite Bollywood stars stuff and moreover you get the best deal for it in the town. 

Shopping in 2030 will be E-commerce everywhere. The always ON world is coming. 

My imagination for shopping in 2030 is enormous and unlimited.

Retailers are you ready for experience based selling and be more interACTIVE.


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