Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Importance of Breakfast for Children

Breakfast: Breaking – a – fast

Children require a good and peaceful sleep for 8 to 10 hours. Once they wake up , it's important to supply essential fuel to their body as their organs demand energy to do various activities but often we don't realize this and send our kids empty stomach or with just a glass of milk to school.
Nowadays, schooling is not as easy as it seems, it requires constant focus and attention on various aspects of the subjects along with vigorous activities. In today’s life, a child’s role is not just to perform good but at its best , as both parents and teachers want them to achieve higher goals  .But many times, a child fails to attain a high performance goal and this non- performance affects his/her confidence and self- esteem. We feel that the environmental factors or peers are responsible but what one doesn't realize is that the child has not broken this long due fast.

There are several reasons for this such as the breakfast you gave or the one provided by the school didn't interest him/her or may be the child was too busy conversing with peers or had some mood swings .So as parents , if you want your child  to perform better or best , it's necessary  to feed them with some ready to go snacks in their breakfast or as their morning snack which are nutritious  , healthy, satisfying and that will help them break the fast ,keep them active throughout their school hours along with boosting their metabolism , immunity, mood and strength.
Lastly, parents should ask their children what have they eaten in school for breakfast , how much they have eaten, what they like and how it should be made next time , also get monthly/quarterly updates from the teacher about their diet, especially if they consume most of their meals in school.

Effects of this unbroken fast:
·        Lack of concentration
·        Tiredness and lethargy
·        Loss of interest
·        Lack of promptness
·        Inconsistent performance
·        Inconsiderate behaviour
·        Weakness during wee hours
·        Obstruction in thinking
·        Inadequate attention span leading to search for clues and guidance
·        Underperforming than peers
·        Dislike for a subject
·        Becoming either obese by craving more food during the rest of the day or losing appetite.
·        Feeling morning sickness and avoiding school
·        Lack of stamina
·        Losing self confidence and subsequently even self esteem
·        Disregard/Ignorance for things and people coming in contact
·        Lack of interaction and participation

Below are some tips for a grab – o- run bites:
·        Any one of below with Cocoa Milk /Dry fruit or Fruit Milkshakes  
         Mini healthy home – made nutribar (Oats, cereals, seeds, dates )
·        Roasted oats and vegetable pattice 
·        Vegetable or paneer paratha
·        Veg. cheese Sandwich
·        Poha /Upma
       Nachni or oats pancakes
         Idlis /Dosa/Uttapam/DhoklaI
·        Small size Multigrain bread pizza with mixed veggies.

Breakfast should be a combination of Carbohydrate and Protein.

Remember :Alertness, motivation to learn and positive behaviour  comes with a balanced diet and Breakfast is a vital part of this nutritional regime.

By Pooja G Foria
               (Educator, Academic Coach and Counsellor in the field of education)
       Presenting an article in association with Oomph Nutrition

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